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RX 125

For young, sporty and demanding riders

The Aprilia RX 125 is the latest heir to Aprilia's successful history in off-road competitions; a strong reputation built up over the years thanks to low-weight, high-performance motorcycles that are fun to ride on everyday roads aswell as on the most demanding off-road trails. An authentic Aprilia motorcycle renewed in design, equipment and engine, ready to offer a great ride.

RX 125

£3,400 £3,900
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Black Spider

RX 125


The Aprilia RX's safety is ensured by upgraded suspensions and an ABS-equipped braking system that delivers high power, superior modulability, increased safety, and improved efficiency.



RX has two wave discs, 260 mm front and 220 mm rear, which are an obvious nod to racing. The knobbly tyres provide absolute precision and control on any terrain, and the rims with normal off-road proportions suit them.


Aprilia has included advanced digital instrumentation in the RX. A travel logbook, as well as the ability to display maximum speed and mileage covered during riding sessions, are among the features of the multi-function dashboard.